Pine Coulee Angus is owned and operated by Andrea Stampfel and myself, along with our 3 sons, Colton, Ryland, and Trey.  The majority of the registered cow herd is run on a ranch 11 miles north of Red Lodge, which is next to the original Stampfel Ranch purchased in the 1940’s.  Charles (CJ) Hall and his wife, Danielle do an excellent job operating and managing this location.  The heifers are calved in January and the cows start in February and run thru March. 
Will and Keisha Croft, along with their son, Henry operate and manage the Wagon Box Ranch a few miles North of Hardin.  The cows at this location are also registered and calve in April and May.  They are managed in the more typical fashion of many of our bull customers.  They pasture through the winter with only a liquid protein supplement.  We do have hay available for an emergency, but most years none will be fed.  The cows calve alone in a large pasture, and Will rides through tagging and weighing usually once a day.
    In order to take advantage of our best genetics, we do flush a handful of the elite cows.  This year we have about 80 ET calves on the ground, and expect roughly the same going forward.  Over the last several years we have seen a remarkable increase in the consistency and quality of our herd.  This has allowed us to cull hard and castrate many.  We are not selecting for numbers when flushing.  Our bulls need to work in rough country, so we select the donors on their feet, legs, udder quality, attitude, conformation, and production.  I manage the donors near Absarokee.
      Bull calves from these cows are weaned, selected, and put into a partnership with John Carrel called Pine Coulee Bulls, LLC.  John also has a large number of his own cows with similar genetics, from which bull calves are selected.  At this point, all the bull calves that were selected are owned by Pine Coulee Bulls, LLC.  They are developed at our facility at the Wagon Box Ranch. The pens are big and steep.  We sell around 180 bulls in our sale the 2nd Monday every March. 

 Pine Coulee Angus held our a female sale this last October 14th at Midland Bull Test. Pine Coulee Bulls will be holding our annual bull sale in March of 2016, at the Wagon Box.


We hope to see you there.


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